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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Colecistectomia por laparoscopia MedellinIs a surgical procedure to remove the gallbladder due to inflammatory pathologies or tumor lesions (polyps) and stones; It is done through small incisions in the abdominal area and is even done through a single incision in the navel.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Medellín, Dr. Mauricio Valencia.

Laparoscopic surgery for inguinal hernia

Hernia inguinal por laparoscopia MedellinLaparoscopic inguinal hernia repair is a minimally invasive pathway that produces less pain and disability than traditional techniques. When a patient had presented one or several previous inguinal hernia surgeries and it recurred, a laparoscopic correction should be performed by trained and certified personnel, because by this way there is less likelihood of new recurrences.

Laparoscopic surgery for inguinal hernia in Medellín, Dr. Mauricio Valencia.

Laparoscopic antireflux surgery

Cirugia antirreflujo por laparoscopia MedellinGastroesophageal reflux is a frequent pathology in our population, a pre-surgical evaluation is first performed to make sure that laparoscopic antireflux surgery is the right treatment for you. which consists of creating an effective valve mechanism at the bottom of the esophagus. It must be performed laparoscopically to have a better visualization of the anatomy and correction of the mechanical factors that cause this pathology.

Laparoscopic antireflux surgery in Medellín, Dr. Mauricio Valencia.

Laparoscopic Heller myotomy

Miotomia de Heller por Laparoscopia MedellinAchalasia is a disease that causes difficulty on food digestion, a gastrointestinal physiological study must be performed to document it and the management is eminently surgical, a disruption of the muscle fibers of the esophagus junction with the stomach is performed by magnification of laparoscopic video, the experience of the surgical team in this pathology is essential to avoid the incomplete disruption of muscle fibers or perioperative complications.

Laparoscopic Heller myotomy in Medellín, Dr. Mauricio Valencia.

Plication repair for diastasis recti

Plicatura de rectos abdominales por laparoscopia MedellinIt consists of performing a strengthening of the abdominal wall in the midline which weakens after pregnancies in women who dont have abdominal fold excess. A reinforcement of this musculature is done, without leaving the scar that a conventional abdominoplasty would leave. 

Did you know that a tummy tuck (Abdominal straight muscle plication) can also be performed by minimally invasive surgery?

Here we explain how:

It is an option that offers many women (and men) a possibility to fix up their hernia, which is so irritating, it can be seen as a defect from the xiphoid bone to the navel as a result of the separation of the rectus muscles from the midline. It is a frequent problem in young women, which makes it possible to repair the twitching of the belly after pregnancies, and also of men for continuous work. Now this problem can be corrected without visible incisions, without pain and in one day, using the REPA technique (laparoscopy).

This new surgery consists in the realization of a closure of the rectus muscles, which are put back in their central place, eliminating the unpleasant "bulge" that comes out when coughing or making efforts. It is performed by laparoscopy through 3 mini-incisions in the lower abdominal area, at the level of the pubis, so they are hidden by underwear and therefore the best possible aesthetic result is achieved, with less pain and less disability . It can also be combined with umbilical or epigastric hernia repair.

Check to see if this procedure is ideal for you: Phone: (+574) 499 4502. Cell: (+57) 312 283 9045.

Laparoscopic resection of gastrointestinal tumors

Resecciones de tumores gastrointestinales por laparoscopia MedellinSome tumor pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract can be managed with laparoscopic oncological resection, giving adequate margins of resection for each tumor pathology in particular and giving the benefits of minimal invasion (less pain, less scar, minor complication associated with the surgical wound and a rapid return to daily activities). Tumors of the stomach, adrenal glands, spleen, colon, small intestine and rectum are treated by this technique.

Resections of gastrointestinal tumors by laparoscopy in Medellín. Dr. Mauricio Valencia.


Obesity surgery is indicated in patients that had not responded to other therapies.

Obesity surgery is the most effective treatment evaluated for this condition and when it`s performed by trained and experts surgeons offers the lowest rates of perioperative risks.

Bariatric surgeries can be divided into two groups:restrict surgeries (Tubulization, Sleeve or Gastric Sleeve) and restrict and malabsorption surgeries (Gastric Bypass) each of them has an specific indications and individual care.

  • Sleeve or Gastric Sleeve

    Sleeve or Gastric Sleeve

    On the gastric sleeve surgery a resection of 80% of the stomach is performed, leaving it with a capacity of 150 ml on average resulting in early satiety and hence weight loss and improves obesity associated diseases. 

  • Gastric Bypass

    Gastric Bypass

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